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Cory Hanson

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Escaping to the bliss of an extensive bike tour, Cory Hanson mounted is 2009 F800GS and headed out on the adventure of his life. He travelled 19 countries in 118 days. This is how he honed the finely tuned bike skills he possesses today and that's just one of his 'extreme' trips. As a guest speaker, Cory has been invited to share his experiences to many envious groups and has inspired individuals to live their dream by following his lead.

Later, Cory engaged in formal GS Off-road Training and has since guided several off-road - and very technical - mountain tours with Pat Horan where he further learned just how capable a fat, heavy GS can be in the hands of a good rider. Cory has been an irreplaceably valuable part of team for many years..

In 2013 an extremely confident Cory competed in the GS Challenge to secure a place on the Canadian team for the 2014 GS Trophy - a world-wide competition with 20 countries competing for the title of 'World Champion Riders." As a world class rider with world-class confidence, Cory also competed in the 43rd annual StumpJumper Desert 100 race in 2013 and placed third among hundreds of riders.

Cory knows that safety makes the ride enjoyable for everyone and without it rides can be cut pretty short. Everyone can be confident that with Cory on the team, your off-road experience will absolutely be the adventure of your life!

They say necessity is the mother of invention and Cory certainly needed a larger fuel supply on his long trips so he designed the Camel Tank. You can purchase yours before your next big adventure at www.camel-adv.com.


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